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Links to pages relating to Brian & Co.

Brian Haw Brian's Wikipedia entry
Peace Strike Campaign based in Parliament Square
rikki Journalist/Filmmaker - Provided material for use in the film
Terence Bunch Photographer - Provided photographs for use in the film
Silvie Koanda Photographer - Provided photographs for use in the film
Yaneka With their kind permission, their music was used during the Oxford walk scene.
Hiroshima University Affiliated Junior High and High School Orchestral Club Japanese language only. The school orchestra music can be heard during the end credits of the film.
Takashi Morizumi Photographer that provided Brian the photographs of Iraqi children affected by depleted uranium.
The Global Women's Strike Long time supporters of the Parliament Square peace campaign.
Harry Loco The Dutch Dylan - Harry has made a CD dedicated to Brian called, "Brian of Westminster". He has also performed live many times in Parliament Square for Brian.